Why is it so difficult to choose the wine?

When he arrives, the sommelier with his favorite rhetorical question: “Have you seen something interesting?” And always, after sweating cold, answer with a humble “choose it for me please”.

Laura Donadoni is the first Italian woman to give a speech about wine at a Ted Talk conference. The theme was the (lack of) lightness in the world of wine, on the stage of Tedx Legnano on April 1st 2023.

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In the Loire Valley in seven words

Loire Valley tour to discover chateaux, wines, landscapes: new denominations, sparkling, rosès and more in this 2023 press tour

From Ukraine war to Chianti rolling hills: the story of Ines Berezina de Moschetti

Escaped from Ukraine war Ines Berezina de Moschetti rebuilt her life on the Chianti hills, as a winery director

Diversity in the wine world: is Italian Wine inclusive?

In the US, only 2% of professionals are black and mentorship programs flourish. In Italy? The question is not being asked.

Discovering aged sherry wines in Andalusia

Discovering aged sherry wines in Andalusia at Bodegas Tradicion

Debunking false myths about corks and horizontally stored wine bottles

If you have attended schools to become a sommelier or wine tasting courses, I am sure you have come across these precepts: “cork is best for wines that need to evolve because it breathes, while screw caps or synthetic polymer corks block oxygen.” Or: “bottles should absolutely be stored lying horizontally”. I myself professed these […]

Does wine journalism resist? Or does even exist?

About economic sustainability and integrity of wine journalism: considerations after the Wine Media Conference 2022
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A chat with James Suckling: his story and what do Americans look for in Italian wines

Exclusive interview with James Suckling about how he has become one of the most influential wine critic in the world and why he choose Italy for his tasting headquarter
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Inside a natural cork

What’s behind a wine natural cork? Reportage of a Portugal tour to discover cork from the forest to the bottle.

Inside a natural cork

From Portugal’s forests to the bottle When we uncork a bottle of wine, of the cork we generally care about two things: that it does not break and that it has not contributed to impair strange odors to the wine, in short, that it has held up preserving the wine without carrying the famous TCA, […]
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