I have to tell you I kinda like wine…

I grew up squeezing grapes with my little feet in the family small winery in Bergamo, Italy.

I have wine in my Dna. And as I became a woman, I got passionate about good food, too. Tough life, huh?

I have to tell you I kinda like writing…

I am a journalist: radio, tv, newspapers, blog, never stop writing, telling stories, communicate!

I have to tell you I kinda like traveling…

After Europe and Africa, I ended up in California and I’m gonna stay for a while.

I think that the real richness is knowledge, and I think the deepest knowledge of the world

is your direct experience!


Hailing from Bergamo, Italy, Laura Donadoni was born and bred on classic Italian wine and creative cuisine. Her career started as a columnist and wine and food reporter for several prestigious Italian magazines such as Gambero Rosso and anchorwoman on the radio news for local and national radio networks; she also had her own food and wine show on the Italian broadcasting network Mediapason (second largest private tv network in Italy). Upon moving to the U.S., she translated her passion into The Italian Wine Girl blog and Youtube channel, spreading wine education and wine culture.

She founded LA COM Wine Agency, a strategic P.R. and communications firm focused on wine and food industry.

Laura is a certified professional journalist and editor with a summa cum laude PhD in Communication Sciences, a professional speaker, a certified Sommelier with merit with the North American Sommelier Association and the World Sommelier Association, a Wset level 3 advanced; she is one of the few Vinitaly International Italian Wine Ambassadors a certified wine educator and wine taster; a certified Italian and Spanish Wine Specialist; an official judge in international wine competition as San Francisco Chronicle wine competition and many others; she is a member of the Los Angeles Wine Writers Association and an official Zipkick influencer.

She is Director of Wine education for the Pacific National Food and Beverage Museum.

Most recently Laura Donadoni is an honorable Knight of the Order of the Truffle and the Wines of Alba, a prestigious historic order of ambassadors of authentic Piedmont typical products and wines in the world.

Los Angeles, California