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Hailing from Bergamo, Italy, Laura Donadoni was born and bred on classic Italian wine and creative cuisine. Her career started as a columnist and wine and food reporter for several prestigious Italian magazines such as Gambero Rosso and anchorwoman on the radio news for local and national radio networks; she also had her own food and wine show on the Italian broadcasting network Mediapason (second largest private tv network in Italy).

Upon moving to the U.S., she translated her passion into The Italian Wine Girl blog, Instagram, Podcast and Youtube channel, spreading wine education and wine culture. Her social community counts more than 60.000 followers.

She is a contributor and columnist for The Tasting Panel and The SommJournal magazines (published in the U.S. and in Canada).

She is an official reviewer for the international wine guide Slow Wine.

She is a successful published author, her first book Come il vino ti cambia la vita, 2020, Cairo publisher, has been translated and published in the U.S. : How wine can change lives . Her secondo book “Custodi del vino”, 2021, Slow Food publisher, has been awarded as best naturalistic literature book in Italy (Premio Majella) and will be translated in English in 2023. The third book is currently in process.

She founded LA COM Wine Agency, a licensed wine importing company and a strategic P.R. and communications firm focused on wine and food industry.

Our challenge is to daily find the most effective way to get a message to its destination.

What does Laura Donadoni do?

Laura is a certified professional journalist and editor with a summa cum laude PhD in Communication Sciences, a professional speaker, a certified Sommelier with merit with the North American Sommelier Associationand The World Sommelier Association, a Wset level 3 advanced wine taster; she is one of the few Vinitaly International Italian Wine Ambassadors in the world and a certified wine educator; she is an Italian and Spanish Wine Specialist; an official wine judge for the San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition and many others international wine competitions, the only Italian women in the International Circle of Wine Writers in London and a member of the Los Angeles Wine Writers Association. She is director of the Wine Education Program at the Pacific National Food and Beverage Museum in L.A.

Most recently Laura Donadoni is an honorable Knight of the Order of the Truffle and the Wines of Alba, a prestigious historic order of ambassadors of authentic Piedmont typical products and wines in the world.


Curiosity and desire to learn is the fire that fuels the love for my job, the journalist. With the same investigation and with the desire to go deeper into each news, today I speak about wine industry rather than daily news throughout my communication channels.


After carfuly listen I develop the communication path ad oc for each company; my threads are words, images, videos, scenarios and my overview. My daily challenge is to find the most effective way to get a message to its destination.


I would replace the word influencer with “informencer”, that is the work of those who make free online communication, without earning through sponsored posts and content. I chose the path of the informencer because I strongly believe in the ethics and transparency of journalistic work.


My first great love: writing. I published my first book with a major publisher right during the Covid pandemic in 2020. It was beautiful, the stages of the book tour and my adventures on the road are told on How Wine Changes Your Life, soon available in English.


My second great love is the radio. I worked for Italian Radio RTL102.5 where the pleasure of chatting in front of a turned on microphone has grown over the years. When I moved to the USA, I started The Italian Wine Girl project and then developed it for the Italian market with dedicated content.

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A strong network of personal and professional relationships

Collaborations with trade magazines and guides in the USA such us Slow Wine guide and the Somm Journal and Tasting Panel magazines. Laura Donadoni is a professional judge in numerous international wine competitions, including the historic San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition.

Laura Donadoni has held the role of wine educator for UCLA (University of California, Los Angeles), SDSU (San Diego State University), San Francisco Wine School, SommCon (national conference of US sommeliers).


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