The Chardonnay that made history

You say Chateau Montelena, you mean the history of Napa Chardonnay. Established in 1882 this winery changed forever the course of the wine making business in California with the famous victory in Paris competition in 1976. It was the first time that some New world wines were in competition with Old World wines: four white Burgundies were tasted against six California Chardonnays. When the scores were tallied, the French judges were convinced that the top-ranking white wine was one of their own. In fact, it was Chateau Montelena’s 1973 Chardonnay, rated above all other wines. The results proved that California’s wine industry had come of age.

This is what comes into your mind when you smell and taste their beautiful Chardonnays.

I had the 2012 (sold out), perfect vintage, no frost events, brutal heat spikes, drying winds, or excessive rains: the perfect ripeness with the elegant touch of old (only 8% new) Freanch oak barriques and a bright, pleasant acidity. At the nose: ripe peach, apples, touch of vanilla, lavander and jasmine. Classy and intriguing, like a beautiful, glamoruous lady!



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