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Diffondiamo la cultura del vino italiano

Se potessimo sostituiremmo la parola influencer con “informencer”, ovvero il lavoro di chi fa divulgazione gratuita senza guadagnare attraverso post e contenuti sponsorizzati. The Italian Wine Girl ha scelto la via dell’ “informencer” perché crede fortemente nell’etica e nella trasparenza del lavoro giornalistico e dell’informazione.
  • November 12 2021

    Moscato d’Asti Docg: prejudices at home, success in the U.S., the search for quality

    Moscato is one of the most “bullied” grape varieties at home, in Italy, and one of the most exported in the world, especially in the States where the most appreciated version is the low-alcohol, sugary and effervescent one typical of the Asti area. It was there that I recently went to discover the history of this wine often associated with festive moments, but unjustly subject to the prejudice of being a wine suitable only for those who are not very wine-knowledgeable or experienced. The reality is quite different, especially thanks to the investments made by producers and the Consortium, which in recent years have focused on quality and on clarifying styles by distinguishing between the Moscato d’Asti Docg and Asti Docg appellations, sparkling, dry and sweet versions.
  • November 7 2021

    Wine is more than natural: the creative genius of Hans Terzer and the new Appius

    Wine is the result of the magical combination of many elements: nature, vine, terroir, but there is a factor which is too often considered as secondary, in particular in this latest fashion of “natural” wines.
  • October 22 2021

    The first prototype of a biogas tractor for Fontanafredda’s first “green” Barolo

    A noble wine, a historic cru, from organic grapes, and produced with the help of an innovative zero-emission tractor. It will be Barolo Vigna La Rosa, Fontanafredda, 2021, a vintage destined to make history: for the first time a winery has joined a research and innovation project led by FPT industrial, a brand of the […]
  • April 11 2021

    How are artisanal wine corks made? Inside a cork factory in Sardinia

    How an artisanal wine cork is made from the tree to the final product: visiting a cork factory in Sardinia, Italy.
  • March 18 2021

    Albarossa, Piedmont’s undiscovered red wine star

    An evocative name, a fascinating history and a wine with great potential: Albarossa has all the elements for success. The vine was created in 1938 by Prof. Giovanni Dalmasso, one of the noble fathers of Italian ampelography, from a cross between chatus (nebbiolo di Dronero) and barbera.
  • January 14 2021

    Shop different: the “underdogs” red varieties of Southern Italy

    Are you all about reds? Do you feel adventurous? Here is a list of red grape varieties from Southern Italy to look out for when the devil of online wine shopping comes to possess you again.
  • December 29 2020

    Ten significant revelations of 2020 to bring along in 2021

    The end of the year is approaching and so the famous “draw a line” moment. Already the various memes about how this 2020 was a disaster are popular on the social media, with preludes of extraordinary festivities at the stroke…
  • December 23 2020

    Don’t call them just dessert wines…

    Dessert wines are the most neglected wine category: they are hard to sell, according to many sales representatives and hospitality professionals. The problem is, in my opinion, that they are sold only as “dessert wines”, failing to underline the many possibilities of food pairings beside cakes and sweet treats at the end of the luscious meal. 
  • December 16 2020

    Green leaders in the wine industry: inspiring people and companies taking action to fight the climate change

    Today more than ever we need “green leaders”: people, companies, start ups who will inspire and encourage others to follow in their sustainable footsteps. Speaking specifically about the wine industry, to be truly sustainable in today’s fast-paced world, you must consider all aspects of your business operations – whether that’s energy use, water conversation, recycling..
  • December 7 2020

    Ageing Italian white wines? Yes you can, here the grape varietis to look for…

    It’s easy for wine lovers to be convinced that certain red wines improve with age. Think about how normal it is to consume a bottle of Bordeaux, Barolo or Burgundy after one or two decades.
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    Italian DNA, wine journalist, writer and marketing expert.


Servizi dedicati alla promozione e alla comunicazione del vino.


Le basi del mercato americano: come funziona, quali sono le regole e come orientarsi nel competitivo mondo statunitense del vino.


Come descrivere e raccontare un vino in modo efficace ed emozionale, in doppia lingua, come comunicare attraverso l’arte dello storytelling e della creazione di contenuti giornalistici.


Masterclass dedicate, corsi di formazione per export manager, accoglienza e responsabili marketing del settore del vino.



La garanzia di un servizio completo

LaCom è un’agenzia di comunicazione e marketing specializzata nella promozione del vino italiano negli Stati Uniti. L’agenzia, creata da Laura Donadoni, ha sede in America ed ha l’obiettivo di fornire un supporto e un servizio in loco favorendo così tutti gli step progettuali necessari per la promozione dei prodotti Made in Italy. L’agenzia si occupa principalmente della gestione di eventi commerciali ed eventi stampa, nello specifico di:

  • servizi di ambasciatore del marchio
  • ufficio stampa nazionale
  • strategie di brand awareness
  • strategie di posizionamento del prodotto
  • lanci di prodotti
  • gestione dei social media
  • marketing virale ed e-mail
  • profilazione del marchio e della personalità
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